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Lives Change when Hunger is Not a Worry

Whether or not you've experienced food insecurity, you know having enough food daily is vital to living a full and productive life.

What does the Global Food Project do?

More than one third of the world's food doesn't get eaten! We want to put that abundance on the plates of the hungry. We help food banks and other charitable feeding organizations around the world establish new on-going supplies of nutritious food, primarily by identifying prospective donor sources and developing ways to get that food to the hungry.


Local Cultural Knowledge Critical to GFP's Mission
The Global Food Project was started by those who learned about volunteering through intercultural exchange experiences.
GFP provides expertise to NGOs worldwide involved in hunger alleviation to develop sustainable logistics solutions for getting the plentiful, grown but unsold, food to those in need. Although we can give program concepts and supporting technologies and processes away around the world, these require local cultural knowledge to properly implement so they can take root and grow to the point where they can truly meet the needs of the hungry in the local area. GYFP works with volunteer advisers who understand the culture and language spoken in whatever part of the world we are helping.

You're invited to a GFP Benefit Dinner

GFP often provides our services free of charge to NGOs in developing countries, so that these charities can use their often meager resources to rapidly implement the solution. 

GFP's expenses are minuscule compared with the value of the donated food we make it possible for NGOs to safely serve those in need.

GFP depends on people like you to selflessly share their affluence. Come to a GFP Benefit Dinner to find out all that your donation can do.

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