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Malaysia Food Banking Project


Establishing a food banking system involves several phases:

  1. Assessment Phase

  2. Planning Phase

  3. Capitalization Phase

  4. Implementation Phase

  5. Adjustment Phase

Global Youth Food Project started the Assessment Phase for setting up a food banking system in Malaysia in May 2015.  Please review our progress below to see if you can provide information that will help us complete the Assessment Phase.  


Who is Hungary and Why?

Here are some links to information on who in Malaysia is hungary and/or malnourished, where they are, and specific issues that affect serving them:

Legal & Regulatory Environment

GYFP is currently seeking volunteers in Malaysia to join a team that will advocate for legislation that makes it easier for potential food donors to donate.  Let us know if you'd like to be part of this team.

Funding Resources

To-date the following people and groups have contributed or committed funds and/or in-kind donations:

Rishiwant Randhawa, Director, United Sikhs, Asia-Pacific (KL, Malaysia)

Wendi Taylor, Global Youth Food Project Founder (Georgia, USA)

Randy Garrett, Global Youth Food Project Volunteer (Georgia, USA)

Ayu Trisna, Malaysia Club Dir., Friendship Force International (KL, Malaysia)

Kelvin Wan, Founder, Hope Place (Sarawak, Malaysia)

Your Name Here

Existing Feeding Programs

View our chart Existing Charitable Feeding Programs in Malaysia on Google Drive.  GYFP is in a discovery process to determine the potential food supply requirements for each of these charities.  If a charitable feeding program you know about is not listed or the information is incomplete or incorrect, please email

Food Resources

Food resources can include food retailers (chains, distribution centers, stores), foodservice providers (restaurants, cafeterias, caterers, hotels, etc.), food wholesalers and distributors, food processors (canneries, bakeries, etc.), food growers and producers (farms, ranches, fisheries, etc.), logistics companies that transport or store food, and groups that collect food donations from individuals.  Can you add to our List of Food Resources in Malaysia on Google Drive?

Volunteer Resources

To-date most of the volunteers contributing to GYFP's Malaysian Project have come from these organizations:

YES (Youth Exchange and Study) Alumni Malaysia 

Friendship Force International, Malaysia Chapter

AFS Antarabudaya Malaysia

Some Malaysian NGO's staff and volunteers

AFS-Georgia (USA) Host Families and Friends


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