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We are working on Food Banking projects worldwide. Let us know you would like to be part of the Global Food Project team! 


Please let us know where you are, how to contact you, and if there is something you are specifically interested in doing with the Global Food Project team.

Our email and phone are shown at the bottom of the page, but also please join the Global Food Project on Facebook.  

Roughly, one third of the food in the world is lost in the process of getting to people or wasted once it gets to consumers. Roughly, one in nine people in the world is not sure how they will be able to eat today.  GFP is identifying actionable ideas that will take "feet on the ground" all over the world to solve this problem.


Learn more about Food Banking around the world.




Learn more about hunger and what one exemplary Food Bank is doing about it.

Global Food Project has opportunities for volunteers to travel to Peru, Japan, Greece & the Philippines. We are also in the process of organizing other food-focused projects for which we'll need volunteers in the Republic of Georgia, Ghana, Indonesia, Ghana, the U.S., Honduras, Albania, the United States,

the Caribbean, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Kosovo and beyond.






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