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Since many of the hungry people in Barbados are homeless, it makes the most sense to provide them with food that is already prepared. Barbados has a tourism industry that supports many resorts, restaurants, caterers, and other foodservice operations, so the Global Food Project is partnering with the Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society to make it easy for these businesses to donate leftover and extra food they won’t be able to sell. Our solution involves an App to communicate real time between the food donors and the charities who feed those in need. Once this solution is operational in Barbados, we’d like to share it with every other island in the Caribbean. When you're on your next Caribbean vacation, why not ask the businesses where you eat if they want their wasted food to be picked up and given to those in need!











Global Food Project met  thousands of Filipino kids living in poverty and with NGOs trying to help in the Philippines!  

The Global Food Project has projects helping develop new sustainable sources of nutritious food for nonprofits that feed hungry people in the United States, too. One example is planning the operations and logistics to scale up an aquaponics/hydroponics organic fish and produce growing system that was successfuly piloted at a high school in Georgia where the vast majority of students qualify for free lunches. In this one urban school district alone, we expect to improve the diet of 54,000 students each year through hands-on education and access to extremely fresh food grown at their school.  GYFP is also helping charitable feeding programs in several other states find new, less expensive ways to fill their pantries and better meet the needs of their hungry clientele.  We are also assisting a team in northern Ghana to educate people there regarding aquaponics and hydroponics.

Thank you for helping the Global Food Project make it possible for charities around the globe to regularly receive food that would otherwise go to waste. 


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Please let us know who you are, as we would like to thank you, find out which of our projects tugs at your heart, and share with you what we are doing with donations. 





The Global Food Project is headed to the Caribbean!  




The Global Food Project is working in the Philippines! In July and August 2016 we met with wonderful people from the island of Luzon in the north all the way to Mindanao in the south to understand where and who is hungry, what existing charities are able to do, and to find new local resources that could be developed into on-going sources of food to feed the hungry. 



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